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Getting Started.

First things first! before engaging yourself in the tasks make sure you have a Paypal account via which to receive your payment.

If you do not have an account go to www.Paypal.com and create one using your email address. Use the same email when registering for tasks on the sites.

Our Clients.

Companies are spending millions on promotion campaigns online, this, in turn, provides an opportunity to make money online.

These promotions and campaigns have rendered the digital platform into a buzz of activity.

99.99% of businesses own websites today and actively employ referral programs to spread the word about their products & services.

The Companies are after people willing to make money in exchange for sharing their referral links with friends and family.

These campaigns and promotions range from Tasks, Surveys, fun (games & jokes) to free stuff and offers.

From all these, you can generate online income and get paid either instantly or weekly.

All you have to do is complete the tasks, or participate in Surveys and grab your referral link, share it out, and you get paid!.


We get you the MOST credible Tasks / Jobs that appreciate and reward you handsomely in whatever task you get engaged in:

These are mostly current instant online Jobs & Business.


  1. Work with Mengomeste – Get paid daily!

Become Your Own C.E.O

Learn How Average People Are Making $900+/week processing Emails

A little about this business. This is a Global direct sales business opportunity where you can earn 100% commission instantly to your account. You can get paid Daily! The product of the business is a fully automated system that does all the selling and telling for you that contains digital training that teaches you how to make money from home with this business, all we are doing is copying and pasting pre-written ads on social media, when somebody responds to those ads and joins your team, you get paid instantly!

2. Remotasks

Create information that can be used by robots or self-drive cars through the use of simple outlines and get paid between $2-$5 / hour.

3.Transcription Tasks

Work as a transcriber making either ‘full verbatim or clean verbatim’ and get paid weekly.

Paid Surveys.

  1. Earn $$$ starting from the registration process.  Earn points and redeem for cash!
  2. Earn points & redeem for $$$
  3. Make money & points through Surveys  Get paid to participate in surveys where your opinion counts and you get paid.

Have Fun & Get Paid.

  1. Games that are also cellphone friendly. (Android, iPhone, windows e.tc). Use your cell phone or computer to play games that you will be paid!
  2. Rib cracker jokes
  3.  Read cracked jokes, share and get paid on redeeming the points you earn.
  4. Bad ‘pick up lines’ ladies perspective


About Remotasks.

This task is to do AI’s (artificial intelligence) detail outlining, where machines and robots need information about objects along their path when in motion.

In this task you are given photos of surroundings, your work is to categorize by labeling attributes as required on instructions. Later this information is used for tech purposes to program the machines.

The robots’ digital camera/eye can capture an object but it has to be fed information to indicate what that particular object is for example car, house e.t.c

That is the job you’re required to do, those who love graphics would have a field day.

Among other Tasks, you’ll be glad to find transcription tasks for those who love this.

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